Go v7 Key Functionality


  • Cloud based email marketing platform
  • Multiple redundant server architecture deployed across multiple UK based data centres
  • Secure and robust platform
  • Storage of all data lists, (email and other data) email templates, email messages (HTML & Plain text), Statistical and Data reports on all campaign activity. (Delivered, Bounces, Opens, Click-Thru, Opt-Ins, EAF Opt-Ins, EAF tracking)
  • Secure login via the Internet into your own secure area on one of our Maxemail servers.
  • 2 factor authentication using Maxemail Security key (Option MOD045)
  • Single user license.
  • Single customer space (account) offering common storage for all lists, profiles, projects, campaigns, email creatives, template and campaign statistics and data reports. (As agreed and described)
  • Unlimited email campaigns / newsletters.
  • Unlimited number of lists and list types.
  • Multiple user definable data profiles and data types.
  • Event Logs. All key stages of the campaign process are logged and available via an audit trail
  • System Alerts. System messages and alerts are published on the users dashboard

Lists, Profiles and Data Storage

  • Segmentation tool. Easy campaign filtering based on data held within user profiles
  • Behavioural emailing. Easy campaign filtering based on tracking data gathered from previous campaigns
  • Merge Lists.
  • Seed Lists. Store seed lists, these can be used in the approval process and can be added to a campaign send
  • Include and Exclude lists types. (Include and Suppression types)
  • List Cleansing and De-duplication. Email addresses are checked for syntax, bad addresses are filtered into an error file for review
  • Automatic Suppression of Permanent (Hard) Bounces and Unsubscribes from previous campaigns
  • Opt in / Opt out status flag per recipient.
  • Unlimited Profile Fields. Email addresses are checked for syntax, bad addresses are filtered into an error file for review
  • Profile field data types. Boolean, Date, Date Time, Decimal, Email Address, Large Text , Number, Phone Number, Text
  • Data Tables. Offers storage of relational data which can be used to build highly personalised email content

Email Campaign Preparation

  • Range of Email types. Standard (one to many), Transactional (one to one), Split Test, Triggered, Recurring.
  • WYSIWYG message editor. HTML and Plain Text, drag and drop content and images
  • Email Builder, Drag and drop content and images, no knowledge of HTML coding required by user. (V7 Update 57 onwards - October 2013)
  • Message Personalisation / data merging.
  • Dynamic Content tool Including rules sets and snippets
  • Email Tagging. Allows emails to be tagged with one or more user defined tag definitions, (ie. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Newsletter)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) tracking and Reporting Module. Tracking and reporting of conversions, revenue, abandoned carts
    • Tracking of click conversions into your e-commerce site
    • Tracking of revenue generated
    • Reporting of conversions and total revenue generated by campaign
  • Split testing (AB) tool. Multi message testing, Integer or percentage, random selection of records in test, comparison report on test. Suppression of records that have been included in a test send
  • Automatic split (AB) testing. Allows the user the select measurement criteria (Opens, Clicks, ROI etc) which will be used to determine which creative is selected and sent to the remaining recipients.
  • HTML Email template library for storage of your own HTML email re-usable designs
  • Restricted and Unrestricted templates. Templates can be created with any number of restricted areas and a range of editable regions. Editable regions can be updated by users with little or no HTML coding experience making the production of emails quick, easy and foolproof.
  • Image library and Content Delivery Network
    • Automatic storage of images
    • Tagging of images for easy selection
    • CDN offers fast delivery of images used in emails and reduces the load of your web site when sending high volume campaigns
  • Content Generator and Data Tables. Allows email content to be linked to web site contents and speeds up set up of email content.

Pre-send Testing Tools

  • SPAM Content Checking. Reports the SPAM content score (0 to 5) and information for your email so that you can make changes and avoid Spam filters
  • Check Email. spell check and check all links and images in the email body are live, subject line, from / reply address check.
  • Inbox Preview tool. (Cost Option) Allows user to view a preview of their email creative as it would appear when sent to the leading email providers, including, AOL, Googlemail, Outlook 2007, Windows Live, Yahoo!. This includes testing creatives which include merged information and dynamic content rules. Note: An extended range of inbox preview tests is available as an option see MOD046 below.
  • Inbox Seeding tool. Testing of your email message against render based filtering used by the following ISP’s and email clients. Global: AOL ,GoogleMail, Outlook 2007, Yahoo! UK

Email Campaign Setup, Scheduling, Approval and Management

  • Campaign Workflow / Control, Management, Approval
  • Immediate send or schedule at Date / Time
  • Send single email. Send single test email, HTML / plain text or both with Delivery, Open & Click tracking
  • Send seed. Send a test email to a send list, HTML / plain text or both with Delivery, Open & Click tracking

Tracking and Reporting

  • Delivery, tracking and statistical reporting
  • ROI (Return on investment) tracking and reporting.
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Bounced emails (Permanent and Temporary)
  • Email tagging.
  • Unsubscribes / opt-outs (global, local and feedback (from IPS’s))
  • Trackable click-thru’s / links included per e-message
  • Summary Report. Sent, delivered, bounced (Permanent/Temporary), Opens, Responded, Unique clicks , total
    clicks, conversions, revenue, Unsubscribed
  • Activity report. Opens, clicks, conversions over time
  • Click Through report. Stats of click through percentages and share for all links in email
  • Inbox testing report. Report on result of inbox seeding test junked/ inbox per ISP
  • Heat map report. Colour coded overlay giving clicks, conversions, revenue per link
  • PDF / Export report.
  • Range of Data reports
  • Insight reporting tool. Performance, Comparison Data, Breakdown, Email Providers, Engagement, Recipient Lifecycle, Tag Performance. Reports are filtered by Date Range, emails, email folders, Tag name(s)
  • Scheduled reports. Reports are emailed at a user defined interval after the campaign send date
  • Customer Usage Reports. All email campaigns sent over a date range together with the total sent.
  • Segmentation Reporting and Analysis tool.
    • Selection of reports allowing quick analysis of any segment selection against any tracked parameter.
    • Segment rule can be based on profile field data or tracked data
    • Any number of completed campaigns can be selected
    • Segment reports can be created , copied, renamed and stored
    • Reports are saved against creation time.
    • Reporting is available in graphical format and can be saved as a pdf or exported into Excel

Advanced Emailing Tools

  • Triggered email campaigns.
  • Recurring email campaigns.
  • Form Builder. Bespoke web forms data linked into your lists within Maxemail.
    • Personalised Web Forms can be used for a number of on-line activities,
    • Surveys
    • Personal Profile Pages
    • Questionnaires
    • Pre-populated pages, etc
    • Data captured by the form will be linked into your list(s) in Maxemail.

Optional Modules / Licenses

MOD045 Security Key


  • 2 factor authentication for access into Maxemail (Password and Key)
  • One Time Password (OTP) – Unique keys are generated on each use of key.

MOD046 Inbox Preview tool (Litmus)
Inbox preview testing for the following mobile devices and email clients

  • Mobile devices

Android 2.2, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackberry Text & HTML, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.5

  • Email Clients

AOL Mail (IE & Firefox) Apple Mail 4, Apple Mail 3, Gmail IE & Firefox, Lotus Notes 8.5, Lotus Notes 8, Lotus Notes 7, Lotus Notes 6.5, Mobile Me IE & Firefox, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2000, Thunderbird 2, Thunderbird 3, Yahoo! IE & Firefox

MOD015 Dedicated IP Address and domain used for sending