Standard Platform Support Services

Initial Account set up and user training

What’s included:

  • Initial account set up and one telephone based user training session
  • Number of customer spaces and user logins
  • bespoke sub domain (eg. mail.yourdomain)
  • SPF records, MX records, domain keys, reverse DNS
  • set up of feedback unsubscribes / opt-out / mark as spam from the leading ISP’s
  • Dedicated or shared warmed IP address as dictated by frequency/volume
  • list / email address validation / check
  • Assistance on set up of include, bounce, unsubscribe, and suppression lists
  • Advice and assistance to set up the optimum workspace for your style of emailing

What’s not included:

  • On-Site user training (available at additional cost)
  • Any professional services work related to HTML email message / template preparation
  • Any data list processing or preparation

General Service Provision

  • No limit on number of campaigns sent.

Additional charges for oversized emails

  • Generally it is best practice to ensure your emails are not too big, we advise you to maintain the size of each email at less than 100Kb. We do not enforce a limitation on the size of each email sent, however emails above 100Kb size each will be at an additional charge to cover bandwidth used priced at a multiple of your cost per email rate.

For all emails sent exclusive of transactional emails the fee for emails sent larger than agreed upper size of 100Kb will be calculated at:-

total email size in Kb / agreed upper email size (100Kb) multiplied by cost per email

If you send an email which is 200Kb then you will be charged at 2 times your cost per email rate.
If you send an email which is 125Kb then you will be charged at 125/100 times your cost per email rate.
If you send an email which is 375Kb then you will be charged at 375/100 times your cost per email rate.

For transactional emails sent the cost per email for emails above the agreed upper size is round to the nearest whole number.
If you send a transactional email which is 140Kb then you will be charged at 1 times your cost per email rate.
If you send a transactional email which is 230Kb then you will be charged at 2 times your cost per email rate.
If you send a transactional email which is 360Kb then you will be charged at 4 times your cost per email rate.

  • 24 / 7 Platform support. All aspects of the Maxemail and Maxautomation platforms are monitored 24 / 7 to ensure the platform is available for you at all times.
  • Telephone and on-line support provides support of Maxemail and Maxautomation platform functionality as defined in “Maxemail Key Functionality”. Standard telephone support is from 9am to 5.30pm during UK offices hours excluding UK bank holidays.
  • Email Deliverability Management. Monitoring control and management of key ISP’s and web based email clients to ensure Maxemail servers are maintained at a high sender reputation. Dedicated IP send addresses. Intelligent volume and target ISP based send queuing and control. Email feedback loops for ISP’s for automatic flagging of email reported as SPAM and increased deliverability.
  • Allocation of Optimum Send IP address configuration. The key elements of your email marketing will be measured (volumes, frequency, message type, mix of domains in lists) and an optimum send IP address configuration will be chosen to provide you with optimum deliverability.
  • Data backup. Hourly snapshot saves of database servers onto separate back up servers.
  • Multi linked State of the Art Server Farm with automatic server failover protection.
  • Planned Maintenance. From time to time it is necessary for planned maintenance including software upgrades to be applied to our servers. Xtremepush undertake to provide its Customers with reasonable notice of such maintenance not less than 1 week in advance. Where possible planned maintenance would occur out of standard office hours.
  • Software updates and patches. Regular software updates and patches applied.
  • Software Enhancements. Xtremepush have a proactive and continuous policy of product enhancements. New features will be released on a regular basis. Some features (Modules) will be available at an additional fee, please refer to your Xtremepush account manager for more detail.
  • Archiving of email campaigns and tracking reports. Your email campaigns stay live for a period of 90 days from the date of sending. After the 90 day period the campaign together with all associated tracking and reporting is frozen and archived. Statistical and data reports are available for reference for another 270 days. NB. This period can be extended on request.

Data Centres (Technical summary)

  • Two UK based Tier 3 (n+1) data centres operated by independently companies located different geographical locations
  • Power. 11KV diverse feeds, dedicated substation
  • Generators. N+1 diesel stand by generators, 48 hours on-site fuel at full load
  • Cooling. N+1 high efficiency cooling. 2N inverter driven nigh efficiency chilled pump sets
  • Connectivity. BGP IP transit, 10gbps intersite wavelength connectivity. Dual fibre, resilient dark fibre connectivity to London carrier rings, multiple onsite independent carriers.
  • Security. 3m security fence with rota spikes, Anti ram-raid barriers, Interlocked man-traps, Biometric iris scan man traps
  • Environment. Outside of flood plains of any rivers or coast. Comprehensive leak internal detection system
  • Management. Comprehensive centralised intelligent Building Management System (BMS) cooling, power and environmental systems