The following pages outline the services that are available via Maxemail's Application Programming Interface (API).

The API requests and responses are formatted using JSON.
The API only operates over a secure web connection, through SSL (HTTPS) on port 443 (which is the default for HTTPS connections).
Please see the Endpoint URLs page for further information.

The API is capable of performing the same actions as a user might perform via Maxemail's user interface, and as such, the services detailed in this guide are split into sections similar to the different areas of the UI.

Each service page contains a brief description, followed by a list of methods with their parameters and return values.
The input parameters are the data you must include in the service request, and the return values are the data that the API returns in response to a service request.

You can find the unique identifier for any node in the navigation tree in the interface, simply by holding any modifier key (Shift, Ctrl, Cmd, etc.) when right-clicking on the node to open its context menu!
A lot easier than having to write API commands to find a list ID, only to then hard-code into your project to use for ever more!