Endpoint URLs

The following URLs show the default Maxemail hostname mxm.xtremepush.com. If you access a different instance of Maxemail, this can be replaced with the same hostname you use to access the user interface.

Replace service with the name of the service you are wanting to access. The service must be all lower-case.


JSON has multiple end point URLs, one for each service being offered.


It is simply JSON-encoded parameters sent as HTTP POST, and a JSON-encoded response, for which most languages have in-built functions to handle the encoding and decoding between a string of JSON-encoded data, and the arrays/objects it represents.

More information on JSON can be found at http://www.json.org/


The download endpoint allows you to download files created by various API methods. Authentication is sent using Basic Auth.


The full URL is detailed in the Return Values section of the various methods that create downloadable files, such as

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