Form Handler direct submission

It's possible to submit values directly to Form Handler, using either a form-encoded HTTP POST, or a JSONP request.

  • Get the Action URL from the Form Details
  • HTTP POST requests must use Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • Values submitted in the HTTP request body or JSONP data must be one of the listed Available Profile Fields
  • You must also specify the recipient's email address as a property named email_address
  • For a Closed Access form, the recipient's unique identifier must also be submitted as a property named recipient_id
  • Optionally, the recipient's subscription status can be specified by submitting an input element with the name attribute of subscribed, with a boolean value: true or false

    • If omitted, this will default to true, ie. the recipient is added and subscribed to the list



For a standard HTTP form submission, Maxemail will return one of two HTTP responses suitable for a browser:

  • An HTTP 200 with an HTML page showing a success or error message
  • An HTTP 302 redirect to URL if the confirmation or error URL are configured in Form Handler Setup


The JSON object passed to the callback function has two parameters:

  • success (boolean)
  • response (string)
    • On success, contains "success", or the confirmation URL with any content tokens rendered if configured in Form Handler Setup
    • On error, contains the error message