Reseller setup

If you have a reseller agency account for Maxemail, you will be offered the opportunity to rebrand the Maxemail interface.

The core element of this is to choose your own domain to access Maxemail, instead of the default . Required DNS records are detailed below.

You must also choose a product name which will be displayed throughout the interface and system notifications in place of Maxemail.

As a reseller, Xtremepush cannot support your clients directly, so the support contact details must also be customised.

Required information

The following information should be provided to complete a reseller setup:

Product NameOxford Stones Email MarketingDisplayed throughout the interface and system notifications in place of Maxemail
Platform by the reseller's clients to access the user interface. Also used as the default send and tracking domain
Support for reseller clients to receive support from the reseller
Support phone+44 (0) 1327 810 741Details for reseller clients to receive support from the reseller main website
Company phone+44 (0) 1327 811 884Reseller main phone
Terms URL the standard Xtremepush Maxemail terms and conditions with those for the Reseller. Must be HTTPS

* Examples are based on a fictional, demonstration company.

Please provide your company logo (or a customised logo for the rebranded platform!) in the following formats:

Full colour logo

PNG on transparent background.

Fits within 860px width frame (430px @ 2x).

Main logo for login, about, and system notifications.

Always displayed on light-coloured background.

Basic colour icon

Typical website favicon ICO.

Typically containing 16px and 32px on transparent background.

Website favicon

Monochrome iconMonochrome SVGTop of Navigation Bar. Shown in white on dark background at 32px.

DNS records

In order to use the chosen custom domain, a DNS record needs to be added to point to Maxemail. This is used to access the interface, but also for the default send and tracking domain. COntinuing the example of the DNS record would be added as follows: IN CNAME

In order to complete your own clients' onboarding, a reseller DKIM key will also be required on a separate sub-domain. Again, using the example this record would need to be added: IN CNAME


When onboarding your own clients, these new DNS entries can be used for their custom domain and DKIM.

If the client has chosen to use they should add a CNAME record to the reseller domain: IN CNAME

If the client is also sending from addresses using they should add a record to the reseller DKIM key. This process needs careful attention, as an additional selector needs to be added to the record. In our example we'll use OS (for Oxford Stones!), but if the reseller name is a single word, it may be simpler to substitute that below: IN CNAME

Once the DNS entries have been added, the Maxemail support team can configure the new space for the reseller client.

Rather than refer to these examples, it may make sense to write down in your reseller documentation the correct domain values, so it's easy to pass these to the reseller clients. Of course, if there are any concerns with working out these details, please contact the Maxemail support team: