The dashboard gives a real-time summary of useful information about the state of activity within your Customer Space. 

The page contains 4 main areas:

Quick Start

Create new emails and lists with one click directly from the dashboard.

Access to this User Guide is also available here.

Recent Items

View all recently updated items.

This can be filtered to show all items for the Customer Space or only those which you have directly accessed.

Requires Attention

Any items requiring approval or in an error state will show up in this area.

If there are no items that require attention this section will be hidden.

Overview Widget

See a quick summary of your sending and engagement over the past 7 or 30 days, along with your current credit balances.

Further tabs allow quick access to recent drafts in your space, messages requiring your attention, those which are on their way to your recipients, and a list of recently completed so you can jump to the reporting!