Profiles & Profile Fields

Profile Fields

Maxemail uses Profile Fields to store information against a recipient.

Profile Field values are Global

All data stored in profile fields can be accessed universally across any list.
So the First Name field in List A is the same First Name field in List B. It always points to the same information.

  • Maxemail allows you to create 40 profiles, each containing up to 50 profile fields.
  • Data stored in profile fields can be used both for personalisation of your message and for segmenting your send lists.
  • You can view Profiles and related fields in your account under Navigation Bar > Data > Profiles


Profile fields can be grouped together into named Profiles in order to better manage them.

For example: 

Profile : Recipient

Field : Date of Birth
FieldFirst Name
FieldLast Name

Default Profile

All new Maxemail accounts are created with a Recipient Profile containing the fields Date of Birth, First Name, Last Name, & Title.
You cannot edit these or change the names of them but you are able to store data in them against your recipient lists.