Recipient Lists

There are two main types of lists in Maxemail and they can both be found under Navigation > Data > Lists

Include Lists

These are lists of addresses you wish to send to.

You can assign multiple include lists to a single campaign. 

Suppression Lists 

These are lists of email addresses you wish to exclude from your send.

If you assign an suppression list to an email campaign, any email address, which is also in one of the Include lists for that campaign, will be excluded from the send.

Here are some examples of why you might want to use suppression lists:

  • Add your hard bounces to a list to ensure you do not send to bad addresses again

  • Subscribers who unsubscribe via an email or phone call can be added to an exclude list rather than manually unsubscribing them

  • If you are promoting a specific event and you have already collected bookings exclude the bookers email addresses for that particular campaign

  • Recipients, who you know have already booked a holiday for the summer, exclude them from future summer holiday promotions.