Import a List

Adding a list to Maxemail is done in a few simple steps. Both Include and Suppression lists are created in the same way.

Create The List

  1. Navigate to Navigation Bar > Data > Lists
  2. Select the folder you wish to store your new list in.
  3. Click the New List icon in the green section toolbar.
  4. In the New List panel enter a name for your list and check that it is saving to the intended location.
  5. Select the list type and click Create.

Select a Data Source

After being created the list will open its Import tab. A list of available Profile Fields is displayed on the right and an area for viewing your uploaded CSV on the left.

Click Select Source in the top left and you will be given a choice of where your list of recipients can come from.

Local File

Use this option to choose a CSV file on your computer which contains your recipients.

  1. Click on the Choose File... button to open a system upload dialogue.
  2. Select the list from your computer.
  3. Click Open.


Use this option to import your recipients from a CSV file which sits on a public web page.

  1. Type in the full URL to where your list can be found.
  2. Click Fetch file...


Use this option to import your recipients from a CSV file which sits on a secure FTP server.

  1. Enter the FTP credentials.
  2. Click Connect to server button to browse your available files.
  3. Select the CSV file you wish to import from.
  4. Click Fetch File.

You can also select a folder rather than a single file. Maxemail will then import each file in that folder in date order. This can be especially useful for Scheduled Imports


This option requires some prior setup in Salesforce to make sure you have a report to select but once that is done simply:

  1. Enter your Salesforce credentials
  2. Click Connect to Salesforce to browse your available reports.
  3. Select the report you wish to import from.
  4. Click Fetch Report.

This requires Salesforce's API feature, which is included as standard in for those with Salesforce Enterprise level and above.

Map Data To Profile Fields

An important step is to now map the available Profile Fields in Maxemail to the columns in your CSV file.

  1. Drag the required field from the right hand Profile tree and drop it on to the corresponding row from your CSV file.
  2. The Profile name column will display the mapped field to confirm you have made the right selection.
  3. If you make a mistake simply click the cross in that row to un-link the Profile Field from that CSV column

Import The Recipients

Once you have the Profile Field mapping as you want:

  1. Click Start Import in the bottom right hand corner of the page.
  2. A dialogue is shown with the import progress.
  3. When complete Maxemail will display the total imported rows along with any that failed and details on how many recipients were added or updated.