Schedule a List Import

If importing from an FTP space, URL, or a Connected Account, it is possible to schedule the import to happen automatically on a regular basis.

Creating a New Scheduled Import

  1. Find the list you wish to import to via: Navigation Nar > Data > Lists
  2. Select the list and click the Import icon in the context toolbar
  3. Follow the steps to import a list but do not start the import
  4. When all the columns in the data are mapped to Profile Fields select Schedule Import from the bottom right of the interface

You will be presented with options on how often you wish to run the import as well as being able to select the date(s) that the import should run from (and to).

Setting Notification recipients will send an email to those addresses to notify them each time an import runs.
Selecting the Errors only check box will limit the notifications to only send if the import encountered an error.

If the source of the import was FTP then there will also be options to clean up following the import:

  • Archive - Will create a sub folder within the FTP and move the original source file into it.
  • Delete - As the name suggests, the source file will be deleted once it has been imported.

Edit an Existing Scheduled Import

Created scheduled imports are saved against the list under: Navigation Bar > Data > Lists

  1. Double click the icon to open up the list import tab
  2. Click the Schedule and Save button at the bottom of the interface
  3. You can adjust all settings from here
  4. Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to discard them and keep the original settings

Enable / Disable a Scheduled Import

  1. Open the Schedule Import options by clicking the Schedule and Savebutton at the bottom of the interface
  2. Check or Uncheck the Scheduled Import Enabled checkbox as required
  3. Click Save to keep your changes or Cancel to discard them and keep the original settings