System Lists

Maxemail ships with a number of built in lists which cannot be deleted.

Master Unsubscribe

This list keeps a record of all recipients that have:

  • Unsubscribed from any of your emails by clicking on the global unsubscribe link in the body of the email
  • Clicked on a 3rd party unsubscribe mechanism used by a number of ISP's. eg. “Mark this as spam”

This list is automatically assigned to all emails and SMS campaigns and operates in the same way as any suppression list, recipients that appear in the list are suppressed and will not be included in any email campaign or SMS.

Master Bounce

When an email address is designated by the receiving email server to never be able to reach its destination, the system categorises the bounce message received. Depending upon the result, the bounce may be categorised as having failed for a permanent or temporary reason. This list works with the Bounce Manager allowing you to automatically maintain a suppression list of recipient addresses which have 'permanently bounced'.

After a threshold number of permanent bounces (3 by default), a recipient is added to the Master Bounce List. This list is automatically assigned to all emails and works like any other suppression list, ensuring no emails are sent to these recipients.

Master SMS Stop List

Any Recipient that replies "STOP" to an SMS is added to this List. This List is automatically assigned to all SMS campaigns to suppress these Recipients from future SMS messages.

Subscriber Bar

Contains a list of email addresses submitted to Maxemail via the Subscriber Bar feature.