View and Edit Recipient Data

Search for the required Recipient to open the Recipient view, split into 4 sections:

  • Summary for key information, including when first added to the system and whether they are suppressed by any of the Master Lists
  • Activity to show their individual interactions with email and SMS messages, eg. sends, bounces, opens, replies, etc.
  • Profile Data to view and edit the values stored for the Recipient in any of the Profile Fields
  • Assigned Lists which also includes the date and source to help trace how a Recipient was added to a List

Source data may be empty for Recipients who were added before Maxemail started capturing this data, around March 2018.

Edit Profile Data

To edit the values stored in an individual recipients Profile Fields

  1. Open the Recipient view as described above
  2. Click on the Profile Data row to expand the list of available Profiles
  3. Expand the Profile to see its contained Profile Fields
  4. Click in the Value field against the Profile Field you wish to edit
  5. Change the value
  6. The value is automatically saved