Email Creation

Maxemail allows you to create emails either by importing your own HTML source code, or by using the drag and drop Email Builder.
Whichever method you use to create the content, the rest of the process is pretty much the same.

A campaign build contains 6 steps:

  1. Setup
  2. Data
  3. Content
  4. Preview
  5. Testing
  6. Scheduling

Each of these will be covered in the following pages, but to begin go to: The Left Navigation Bar > Messages


Before we start, a quick word on organisation. Maxemail gives you the tools to create a folder structure to keep your emails (and other items) organised.

Click the New Folder icon in the section toolbar and an untitled folder will be added to the navigation tree ready for you to name it.

Now you have somewhere to put it, the easiest way to create a new email is to click on the New Email icon in the section toolbar at the top of the Email Navigation Panel.

From the resulting Create panel you can now select the appropriate options for the type of email you wish to create.

  • Name - For your reference in Maxemail. Not shown to recipients of your email.
  • Save in Location - Select a folder from ones you have created.
  • Type - A single send or an email which sends on a regular recurring basis.
  • Template - Choose from a selection of pre-built Templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas.
  • Content - If starting from scratch select how you will provide the content (Own HTML / Drag and Drop Builder).

Clicking Create will create the email and take you directly to the Setup step.

Creating Multiple Emails?

If you need to create a bunch of emails without actually editing them yet, you can hold shift as you press Create and the resulting email will not be opened. Instead you will be taken back to the Messages panel in the Navigation tree where you can then click the New Email icon to create a second email.