Date token

Used to insert a formatted date, using as its source: the current date, relational date text, or the date of the email.


The options are used to control the outputted date's format. By default (ie. with no options provided) the format will be: d/m/Y

List of available format codes


  • Putting no value will use the current date at time of parsing the token (eg. time of send for a static location in the content, or the time of click in a link or analytics querystring)
  • Relative date text
  • email will insert the send time of an Email Campaign, or the approval time of a Triggered Email




[date]                            =>  14/8/2018
[date(Y-m-d H:i:s)]               =>  2018-08-14 10:30:15
[date(Y-m-d):+2 days]             =>  2018-08-16
[date(Y-m-d):yesterday]           =>  2018-08-13
[date:email]                      =>  2018-08-03