Unsubscribe tokens

gunsub: Global Unsubscribe
lunsub: List Unsubscribe

Insert a link to perform the relevant unsubscribe action. Behaves in a similar fashion to the Weblink token.




  • Text to display for the generated link.
  • No value to return the URL for the form rather than generating an HTML anchor tag.


URL for confirmation page, can contain a Recipient token.


Example #1: Adding the link to an existing A tag

Typically designers need control over the styling of the A tag, so need Maxemail to only add the relevant URI within an existing A tag.

<a href="[gunsub]">unsubscribe</a>

Example #2: Using a custom confirmation page with an existing A tag

<a href="[gunsub;https://www.example.com/unsubscribe-confirmation.html]">unsubscribe</a>

Example #3: Maxemail adds the A tag

The simplest way to create an unsubscribe link is to use Maxemail to create all the necessary HTML.


Example #4: Using a custom confirmation page



All the examples above will output something similar to the HTML below (when added within HTML content!)

<a href="https://mxm.mxmfb.com/rsps/m/abc123abc123abc123abc123">unsubscribe</a>