Text Version

Having a text version of your email is important for a number of reasons.

It provides content that recipients who do not accept HTML version can read and it also gets picked up by the receiving ESP and checked to confirm the validity of your email.

Content Types

By default, all newly created emails in Maxemail will be set to HTML only. As HTML versions will be the most frequently viewed, careful consideration should be taken to make sure this version is as you want it before moving on to the text version.

Creating Text Version

To create the text version you will first need to switch the Content Type option (located at the top right of your email), to include Text. If you are creating a text only email you should select Text Only but more commonly you will have a HTML version already loaded and you should select HTML & Text.

You will now be able to click on the Text tab at the top of your email and Edit in order to open a stripped down Email Editor and start typing your content.

Auto Generating Text from HTML Version

To get a head-start on your text version you can use Maxemail's built in option to copy the text content directly across from your HTML content. With the text tab selected just click on the Generate from HTML button to make the copy.

This will copy across:

  • content within a text element
  • alt text from images
  • the text and source of your links
  • any dynamic content placeholder tokens

If you have any dynamic content in your email, which pulls in from maybe a snippet, then it is important to understand that it will be looking for the text version of those and so this process should also be repeated for those dynamic elements too.

Updating the Auto Generated Text Version

If you use the auto generate button then it would be a good idea to take a minute to read through the content that has been generated and tidy it up. While the system does a great job of saving you having to type everything out, it will rarely be perfect and you may find, for example, that you have doubled up text where maybe the alt text from an image matches the heading text of that section and so appears that it has been typed out twice in the text version.

Also you should note that the text version is static. As such, any changes made to the HTML version after generating the text version will not be reflected. You will need to either update these sections manually or re-generate the text version by clicking the Generate from HTML button again. This will overwrite the current content and so will likely need tidying up again.

Tracking Links in Text Content

When auto generating the text version you are given the option to track the links in it. Simply check the box in the dialogue that appears in order to switch the links to a tracking link.

In order to track links (text or HTML), Maxemail needs to change them into a format it can deal with when clicked. This means that they do not generally look like the original link entered into the HTML content. The format will usually be something like: yourclickdomain.com/rsps/m/E2m4c7D1e8v0s1R2u9l2e and can be personalised in your Maxemail configuration settings by speaking to your support contact.