Email Reports

A number of reports are available on an individual email campaign.


The primary report for all emails, showing the headline stats: bounces, opens, clicks, conversions, revenue and unsubscribes. Read more

Device Breakdown

The breakdown shows stats on which device was used the first time a Recipient Opened and Clicked the email. Read more


A line graph showing opens, clicks and conversions over time since the campaign was sent.


Shows the number of unique and total clicks against the tracked links in the message.

Data can be grouped by content source (to show the difference between clicks in separate Snippets) and copied to the clipboard to paste into a spreadsheet application.

Inbox Testing

Maxemail sends a copy of the email to a range of different Inbox Service Providers (ISPs) to report on whether the email was delivered successfully.

Two tests are sent automatically for all but the smallest Email Campaigns, immediately before and immediately after the live recipients. These provide a comparison of deliverability at the start and end of the send.

Heat Map Report

The heat map provides a colour coded indicator (hotspot) of the click activity recorded against each link in the message. The hotspot is superimposed over the HTML email message. Warmer colours indicate higher click volumes.

Clicking on a hotspot will show more information and stats on the link.